Introducing the Recursive Newsletter

Introducing the Recursive Newsletter
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Today, we are announcing the Recursive Newsletter. This newsletter would feature research and analyses on the developments within Recursive, its portfolio companies, and the broader Bitcoin ecosystem. Additionally, it'll include both opinion and guest pieces, where the former are opinion posts from the Recursive team and the latter from leading figures and stakeholders in the Bitcoin space.

This move is to further our goal of consolidating the sources of information, news, and research from Recursive Capital.

Migrating to Ghost

We previously had a newsletter on Substack—Recursive Capital's Newsletter—however, we have permanently moved to Ghost for various reasons, including more creative control over the design, flexibility of membership, and general site.

Effective immediately, we have permanently taken down our Substack. Nevertheless, for those who had previously subscribed to Substack, we have automatically signed you up for the new Recursive Newsletter while maintaining your subscription type (i.e., whether free or paid) to make the transition convenient.

You can easily unsubscribe and opt-out if you no longer want to receive our email alerts.

Moving Forward

For the time being, we will still maintain our Medium.

We plan on introducing more premium posts and content for our paid subscribers soon, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for your inbox.

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